Latest Version of eMaster Launched To Great Acclaim

After a number of months of development and field testing, FISC are delighted to announce the launch of their latest eMaster Version 3.0.

Version 3.0 brings with it a fully redesigned User Interface and an enhanced User Experience.  Clients familiar with the previous version of eMaster will still be able to find all of their favourite features, but the emphasis has been put on ease of use and speed of navigation.

As well as the brand new UI/UX, eMaster Version 3.0 comes with a host of new features which further enhance an already extremely powerful application.

FISC Technical Director Richard Shaw comments, “We have been working on this project for some time to ensure that the latest version of eMaster is the best yet!  eMaster has always been class leading software and the new features we have introduced in Version 3.0 push the system even further forward enabling our dealers to get even more from it.”

Aaron Burton FISC’s Chief Technical Officer adds, “The new user interface has been carefully considered to enhance the user experience whist still remaining familiar to long-time eMaster users.   Feedback from dealers has been fantastic.  Users particularly liked the clarity of the new UI and the new multi-deal comparison tool. The launch of Version 3.0 and it’s new features is the start of a whole raft of new and exciting enhancements coming very soon.  Our users are going to be thrilled.”

Read more about eMaster here.  If you are interested in eMaster for your business, contact us today!