TRACS™ CPD Training & Workshops

The knowledge you need to stay compliant

As well as our online FCA Training programme, we offer a wide range of training from 1-day system seminars to bespoke consultancy, which all counts towards your 15 hours compulsory CPD

Keeping you and your staff compliant

The Insurance Distribution Directive mandates that anyone involved in insurance distribution activities – at every level – must complete at least 15 hours’ CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training each year.

In a blended approach to training, we provide a mixture of online product and regulatory knowledge training, sales activity observations, regulatory bulletins and face-to-face classroom-based compliance workshops ensuring all employees meet the relevant training and competence requirements for their role in a varied and compliant way.

This blend of training ensures every member of your team always has the required and current knowledge and competence to carry out their activities effectively. Our Compliance Dashboard logs the activity, ensuring that the 15 hour-target is never missed. For more details, please contact us.

Compliance Workshops

The TRACS™ Culture and Compliance Workshop programme will:

  • Bring to life current regulatory requirements applicable to selling cars, finance and products, such as GAP and Cosmetic Insurance; and
  • Provide support in improving performance by successfully and simply by incorporating these requirements into the day-to-day customer processes of your sales and administration teams.

With a focus on ‘culture’ and placing customer’s interests at the heart of all your processes, our workshops aim to address the key drivers of culture and to put into context the expected standards of the FCA, and how they fit into a dealership environment.

Depending on the size of your dealership or group, you can book a place on an up-and-coming regional workshop, or for groups, we can arrange on-site training where we can bespoke the workshop exactly to your sales process.

Bespoke Consultancy Programmes

We can provide bespoke consultancy programmes where we will review your current processes, regulatory status and senior management arrangements. Following the review, we will put together a programme of activity to ensure your dealership or group is set-up to meet the ongoing and ever-changing regulatory requirements.

We will review your products, sales channels, administration functions, documented processes, training and competence activity, reporting, oversight, regulatory status, Board and Senor Management arrangements etc.

We provide a detailed report covering the required actions RAG-rated to ensure you tackle the most pressing ones first. Follow-up visits are then arranged to ensure that any systems, services, training or documentation requirements are implemented with the minimum of disruption to your business.

For a free initial consultation or chat, please give us a call or contact us now.


What Our Dealers Say

"Gained invaluable insight into best practices on how to introduce compliance to the customer in a natural way and make the process more seamless and how to handle objections better."

“Didn’t realise you could make the compliance process so natural! The training was highly interactive, informative and fun, and I'm now going away with far better knowledge.”

“Excellent way of learning and a very good course, very engaging. The trainer was excellent.”

To find out more about our training days and workshops event please contact or speak to us on  +44 114 244 4355

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