eMaster™ Training & Consultancy

We offer a wide range of eMaster™ training from one-day system seminars, to bespoke consultancy and in-dealer targeted live prospecting events, in addition to bespoke online webinars & videos

eMaster™ Training & Coaching

Available to OEM’s, finance companies and individual groups and dealerships, we have a dedicated eMaster™ training team that delivers a variety of solutions for all categories of staff, covering a wide range of subjects from basic eMaster™ usage, to detailed campaign creation and deal refinement. We also offer a bespoke hands-on consultancy programme which covers all aspects of the eMaster™ system as well as general processes, structures and soft skills training to improve overall vehicle sales as well as customer retention.

Our consultants will expertly convey the skills needed to be able to effectively use eMaster™ within your network or dealership. Our wide-ranging consultancy covers all aspects of eMaster™ including telephone skills coaching, ensuring you get the most from eMaster™ to maximise customer retention and finance renewals, as well as increase vehicle sales and margins.

Live 2-Day targeted training & prospecting in-dealer event

Our eMaster™ 2-Day Event is a targeted live training & prospecting in-dealer seminar, that encompasses both systems & telephone training. Over the two days, our consultants will teach you how to use your live finance database to identify and create opportunities within eMaster™, and show your sales teams how to understand and interpret the information to create powerful campaigns that culminate with making effective live phone calls that result in actual appointments and deals.

Producing real results

The aim of our consultancy and training, is to ensure that delegates return to their dealerships and put their newfound eMaster™ knowledge into practice to generate finance renewal vehicle sales. This produces amazing results, with one client with 5 dealerships covering two brands producing 139 appointments with 67 cars sold, 100 % finance penetration …. a conversion rate of 48% over the 2-day event! Providing training in the dealership, working with live prospects, and combining it with telephone best practice coaching, replaces the traditional classroom theory with direct dealer application. The results speak for themselves.

Available Courses & Workshops

eMaster™ Skills & Best Practice Workshop

Reference: L/W/07/20072020/V1

The workshop aims to give delegates a full understanding of how eMaster™ compliments the vehicle sales process and provides them with the skill set to identify opportunities and contact customers more effectively and with confidence.

Step-by-step, delegates will be given a complete overview of the eMaster™ system so that they can proactively manage their customer leads. Alongside coaching on system best practice, the day also includes call skills training, leading to live monitored customer conversations to generate real appointments to take back to the dealership.

Upon completion of the workshop, delegates will be able to use eMaster™ to deliver incremental profit and results, in terms of additional sales, increased customer loyalty and improved CSI.

Duration: 1-Day
Participants: New Starters, Sales Executives, Managers
Venue: Both in-dealership training (10 max) or Off-site Regional training available

eMaster™ Skills & Best Practice Workshop

eMaster™ Skills & Best Practice Workshop (Manager)

eMaster™ Loyalty Strategy & Performance Consultancy

eMaster™ Sales Renewal Events

eMaster™ Used Car Stock Sales Consultancy

eMaster™ Campaign Management Programme

What Our Dealers Say

“eMaster has proven to be a great tool in increasing our customer retention. The eMaster skills course has taught our sales execs how to better navigate eMaster. The Trainers were brilliant!".

"I learnt more from the videos than I have in years. They were clear, very well explained, at the right pace and clearly you could tell Mike has passion and really understands the system. Brilliant job Mike......best training videos I have seen in years!".

"The eMaster 2-day sales event is a total game changer! Targeted marketing with intelligent conversations with customers, it has put us back in the 'Drivers Seat'. We'll now be running similar events throughout the year”.

"The workshop changed the way we do business in that we are now finding customers to match a specific car. We can better control the stock we wish to move faster, by finding the right customers for the stock and increasing sales opportunities at the same time". 

If you are an eMaster user and wish to find out more about our training, consultancy or in-dealer 2-day event please contact training@fisconline.co.uk or speak to us on +44 114 244 4264

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