Sales Executive Dashboard

eMaster not only identifies opportunities, but can also distribute leads to your sales team and track progress and activity

The Sales Executive Dashboard allows sales leads generated by eMaster to be delivered instantly to front line staff…. directly to your sales team.

Using eMaster’s easy to use interface, sales team members can view any bespoke customer offers that have been created by the management team or OEM, and, because eMaster can also hold telephone scripts and templates to handle any customer questions, it ensures that all the necessary information is available in one place to make a meaningful customer contact.

All activity is tracked within the system, and can be accessed and monitored by management via eMaster’s reporting suite or by the management mobile APP. eMaster also caters for differing levels of administrative privileges, for example senior sales team members can optionally be able to edit or create their own customer offers …..eMaster’s flexibility allows the system to be exactly tailored to suit your business processes.

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