Introducing eMaster™

Customer retention & finance renewals

eMaster is the ultimate tool for motor finance renewals and increasing your customer retention. It focuses on one thing – finding the right customer with the right deal on the right product at the right time.

Traditionally, marketing to your finance customer database is done on a time basis – for example mid-term, 12 months to go, end of term etc., but often these are not the best times to contact your customer. That’s where eMaster is different. Instead of looking at how long your customer has owned their vehicle, or how long they have left to go on their finance agreement, eMaster tracks their financial position within their agreement to identify the ideal time for them to change their car.

All So Easy

With eMaster, finding opportunities is made all so easy. Simply enter a range of customer and vehicle criteria, and eMaster will do the rest instantly, locating the most suitable customers for you and displaying a bespoke offer for each built around their individual circumstances and available vehicle OEM campaign offers.

Our unique Key4Key technology will generate the best offer for your customer, matching their current finance payment within the parameters you set. All this adds up to a great deal for your customers.

And because eMaster holds all current manufacturer campaign offers on every vehicle, you can be sure you and your customers never miss the deal!

How eMaster Works


Identify Renewal Opportunities

eMaster holds your entire finance customer portfolio which is refreshed every day to ensure you always have up to date and accurate information at your fingertips.

Our bespoke algorithms analyse your customer data, matching them to the latest models and manufacturer offers that are right for them. eMaster highlights the most appropriate time for your customer to upgrade their vehicle, and suggests a detailed deal for you to offer them.


Bespoke Customer Offers

Because eMaster uses the same calculation engine as manufacturer finance systems, you can adjust and flex the customer offer easily and accurately until it’s exactly right. As well as having accurate GFVs and payments, eMaster also holds the latest OEM tactical offers (including some that are only available on eMaster) and highlights when a better offer is available. Combined with an accurate settlement estimate and instant vehicle valuation, everything you need to create your customer offer is at your fingertips – all you need to do is contact them with the good news!


Powerful Communication Suite

Once you’ve built your customer’s personalised offer, you just need to tell them the good news. eMaster makes this easy. Simply call your customer and record the outcome directly on the virtual contact T-card, or use the built-in email and SMS functionality to message your customer directly from the system. You can even send messages to multiple customers with a single click, each message personalised to the individual – and with the automated messaging tool, you can email or SMS your customer at pre-set intervals ….e.g. end of term…. or on selected events….e.g. to confirm an appointment etc….all done automatically from within the system instantly.


Finance Lifecycle

eMaster records the outcome of all opportunities and all contacts on the customer’s virtual T-card, which stays with the customer record throughout the life of their finance agreement. Once a customer changes their car into a new model, their new agreement will appear in eMaster the very next day, ready for the cycle to continue. eMaster makes the tracking of your customer’s ownership easy and straightforward and ensures they have the opportunity to change their car at the best time to suit them.

of test drive appointments generated via eMaster lead to a sale

One System

Once eMaster has identified your customers, everything you need is right at your fingertips, allowing you to further refine each individual offer and enabling you to build a totally bespoke deal for your customer before you even make contact. All within one system, all done within seconds.

By taking a live daily feed of all of your finance customer’s directly from your finance company along with updated manufacturer offers, eMaster recalculates the customer’s settlement and current vehicle value daily, so you can be confident that the figures are always accurate and up to date.

Key Features


You can use eMaster from anywhere. It’s completely web based and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and a web browser – PC, MAC, laptop, lablet or mobile phone. No software to install, no updates to run – just simple, direct access 24/7 wherever you are.







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