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Hybrid, Remote Or Office Based?

Hybrid, remote or office based workers? There is no one size fits all, but being able to be flexible may be the key to growing teams in the future.

Back in 2000 Computer Weekly (https://www.computerweekly.com/feature/Broadband-innovations-stimulate-teleworking) signalled that start of the remote working revolution, with broadband being rolled out across the country and mobile phones capable of data transfers up to 2mbps just around the corner.

1.5 million people in the UK were already remote working to some degree, and BT employed around 10% of it’s office based staff on a fully remote only basis. At the time I was working for PlusNet and can remember the excitement about the idea of working from anywhere.

However the revolution never really took off. In 2019 the BBC reported on a growing number of people working from home, but the number was still relatively low. As Internet speeds continued to grow, mobile devices getting smarter, and most of us equipped with powerful laptops, there was no need to be tied to a desk and our ability to work from anywhere was here, but we were still to make the switch. Until 2020 that is. 2020 showed us what many of us already knew….. the need to be in a fixed place in order to do work was no longer necessary.

Employees have responded positively to being able to work where it suits them, productivity over the last year has been sky high and as restrictions have eased, they have been able to take advantage of a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

During the early 00’s the battleground for new hires was free lunch and office slides, producing little productivity increase and a massive dissatisfaction from employees as they came to realise that they were locked in the office for longer periods of time.

Many employers are now offering flexibility around their working practices, more are now starting to offer ‘Work from Anywhere’ policies, with staff being able to work from home or abroad for periods of time, or from wherever makes most sense for them.

Business leaders need to be aware of this, they need to be prepared for how to manage in this new world. The current UK job market has close to a million vacancies. In the technology space the demand for Software Developers, Testers, PM’s, etc., far outweighs the skills available. We are seeing a move away from there being a regional job market, as businesses look for the best talent regardless of where they live.

This means that those companies that already operate flexible working practices, have engaging work, and support their staff to grow professionally and personally, are going to be a much bigger draw for employees looking for a change. At FISC, we fully embrace the concept of Hybrid, Remote or Office based working and have a number of vacancies within our development team. Click here to see the opportunities. https://www.fisconline.co.uk/careers/

Short article by Ross Bray – FISC’s Head of Development.