FISC To Add Electronic Signature Capture to FSA Tracker™

As part of our continued product improvement, we are excited to announce the addition of Electronic Signature Capture technology to our FSA Tracker™ system.

This technology allows the customer to sign the documentation pack produced by Tracker electronically, allowing the fully signed pack to be retrieved from within FSA Tracker™ at the click of a button.

Dave Smith, FISC’s Managing Director says, “This is an exciting development for FSA Tracker™. Capturing the customer’s signature and storing it electronically really squares off the circle for the dealership, eliminating the case of the lost signature document.”

FISC’s Technical Director, Richard Shaw adds, “We’ve integrated the signature capture device seamlessly into FSA Tracker™, making it really easy to use. We’re already planning other uses for the device throughout our software range.”

The signature capture is now in the final phases of testing to be launched early Spring, and will be available to new FSA Tracker™ customers and existing clients as a bolt-on to their FSA Tracker™ system.

ISO 27001:2013