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eMaster™ Virtual Group Retention Events Prove Immediate Success.

Delivering high impact sales training in terms of content and sales remains challenging, however FISC’s latest eMaster™ 3-day Virtual Training Event recently delivered to a Group of 6 dealerships showed instant results.

The event is spread over 3 days, where our experienced consultants deliver live training and coaching through a combination of virtual management calls, briefings and training sessions based around live eMaster™ campaign leads to deliver incremental car sales.

Rob Draper, Business Development and Training Manager at FISC, takes up the story, “One of the main focus areas of the event was on appointments – where we suggested on the initial call, that interested customers commit to a video or telephone appointment when they had quality time to be able to discuss a new car thoroughly. Using eMaster™, we were able to quickly profile every deal before the salesperson spoke to the customer, ensuring every customer was in a position to change their car.  The results speak for themselves…. 70 virtual appointments delivered an incredible 35 ….totally incremental sales….all from eMaster™ leads.   And all this during the lockdown period in November….quite a result!”

Stephen Hebditch, Global Head of Retention Products, added “Rob and his team have adapted brilliantly to the current environment and restrictions on customers coming into the showroom. The new virtual approach to appointments delivers quality time and information to each customer in a safe and comfortable situation for them. The programme proved so successful that, compared to pre-lockdown initiatives, the Group’s total activity increased by 68%, with appointments almost tripling and sales doubling since the event.”

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