eMaster™ Training Workshops Are A Huge Success

Earlier this year, FISC started a programme of workshops designed to work with dealers to help them get the best possible results from eMaster.

The workshops cover a wide range of topics such as – customer retention best practices and sales approach; how to best create and eMaster campaigns; handling end of term opportunities; refining a customer offer; SMS/Email templating. The workshops are designed to help eMaster users realise the full potential of the tool and nearly all have been oversubscribed and extremely well received with tremendous delegate feedback.

The workshops give delegates a chance to gain hands on use of the eMaster system with specially designed real life exercises to enhance the learning experience with FISC’s expert coaches always on hand to support and share their expertise and best practices.

Peter Chisholm, FISC Business Development Manager and one of the key architects of the workshop programme, says, “It has been great sharing knowledge and helping individuals with maintaining and increasing their finance renewals penetration. eMaster is a fantastic tool which I think most dealers already realise, but with the specific skills and knowledge our workshops provide, it can become truly invaluable.”

Here are some of the comments delegates have given on the post-workshop feedback questionnaire:

“Peter gave us the opportunity to ask questions and gave us all knowledge we did not have”

“Time well spent, learned a lot and already implementing, many thanks.”

“Peter managed to be professional, informative and light hearted which made for a day in which we all learned plenty, staying alert from start to finish.”

“Fantastic day on Emaster/FISC looking forward to implementing ideas back at the dealer”

“Very good range of topics covered. Great at getting involvement from all course participants.”

“I only wish I’d done this 3-4 months ago….”

Andrew Binns, MD of eMaster Global Sales, commented, “It’s great to see us adding value to our dealers and partners through training, and our future plans for the programme will take us to the next level of support. Following feedback from manufacturer and finance partners and delegates, we are soon to add further training and coaching modules to future workshops – these will include best practices for prospecting eMaster leads and will cover a wide range of topics which will include call planning and call delivery. All this is designed to add further value to the programme with the specific aim to increase the lead to appointment ratio and sales conversion for our dealer partners”.

FISC future plans also include expanding the coaching department and introducing a full consultancy service, which will offer bespoke development plans for dealers and groups working closely with them over a 6 to 8 week period to increase their overall eMaster retention and sales performance.

For existing eMaster users wanting to know details of the next workshop in your area or detail of our consultancy programme please contact us.