The data-driven digital tool that increases vehicle sales and finance renewals

eMaster™ uses your data to increase finance renewals, vehicle sales, and customer retention. Our algorithms mine your database to find the right customer with the right deal on the right car at the right time.

The marketing of a finance customer database is traditionally done on a time basis – for example 12 months to go, end-of-term etc., but often these are not the best times to contact a customer. That’s where eMaster™ is unique. Instead of looking at how long a customer has owned their vehicle, or how long they have left to go on their finance agreement, eMaster™ tracks the financial position of every customer every day, to identify the ideal time for them to change their car.

A data driven digital sales tool

eMaster™ is a digital data tool that mines your entire database daily.   It can be used at national level by a finance company or OEM, or by a dealer within their own database to easily find sales renewal opportunities.  ‘Gold-seam’ customers, can be mined by simply entering a range of customer and vehicle criteria…. eMaster™ then automatically does the rest, instantly locating the most suitable customers and displaying a personalised offer for each built around their individual circumstances and available OEM campaign offers.

Our unique ‘Key4Key’ technology generates the best offer for all of your customers, matching their current finance payment within the parameters you set. All this adds up to a great deal for everyone…especially your customers…..and because eMaster™ holds all current manufacturer campaign offers on every vehicle, you can be sure you and your customers will never miss the deal!

How eMaster™ works

Identify renewal opportunities

eMaster™ holds your entire customer database which is refreshed daily from the finance company to ensure it’s always up-to-date and accurate so all the information needed is in one place at your fingertips.

Our bespoke algorithms analyse your customer data every day, matching them to the latest models and manufacturer offers. eMaster™ highlights the most appropriate time for your customer to upgrade their vehicle, and suggests a unique personalised deal to offer to each customer.

Personalised customer offers

As eMaster™ uses the same calculation engine as manufacturer finance systems, customer offers can be easily and accurately adjusted and flexed until they’re exactly right. eMaster™ also holds the latest OEM tactical offers (including some that are only available on eMaster™) and as well as having accurate GFVs and payments, also highlights when a better OEM offer is available. Combined with an accurate settlement estimates and instant vehicle valuations, everything needed to create a compelling customer offer is at your fingertips.

Marketing suite

eMaster’s™ marketing functionality allows you to send automated or manual marketing templates via email (HTML Rich), letter or SMS to your entire finance portfolio.

Each communication can be fully personalised with the customer’s own details and vehicle information enhancing the quality and impact of all your communications.  You can pre-load bespoke templates for all your campaigns so you have control over all content including adherence to brand CI.

eMaster™ allows you to contact customers when and how you wish throughout the course of their finance agreement, with timelines and communication types chosen to give a totally varied approach to your customer engagement plan.

Finance lifecycle

eMaster™ records the outcome of all opportunities and contacts on the customer’s virtual T-card, which stays with the customer record throughout the life of their finance agreement. Once a customer changes their car into a new model, their new agreement will appear in eMaster™ the very next day, ready for the cycle to continue. eMaster™ makes the tracking of your customer’s ownership easy and straightforward and ensures they have the opportunity to change their car at the best possible time to suit them.

One integrated solution

By taking a live daily feed of your customer database directly from the finance company and offers from the manufacturer, eMaster™ pulls together all the data you need in one place.  Instantly identifying gold-seam customers, you have all the information necessary right at your fingertips to build a totally personalised deal for your customer before you even make contact. All within one system, all done accurately and all done in seconds.

eMaster™ key features

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eMaster™ can be accessed from anywhere. It’s completely web-based and can be used on any device with an Internet connection and a web browser – PC, MAC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. No software to install, no updates to run – just simple, direct access 24/7 wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Daily Imports & Calculations

Your customer database is refreshed daily, so it’s always accurate and current. All calculations, including finance settlement figures, estimated mileages and current vehicle valuations are also recalculated daily. Manufacturer campaign offers are also done automatically. All this means you can have total confidence that the data you see is always up-to-date.

Automatic Lead Distribution

eMaster™ leads are generated as ‘campaigns’ and can be created at any level – by dealer, by group, by region or across a national network by the manufacturer or finance house. As soon as the campaign is confirmed, the leads are automatically and instantly distributed to the supplying dealer/sales team directly within eMaster™.

The dealer can then choose to allocate individual leads to selected sales personnel, who have their own dedicated portal within eMaster™ to view and action them.

Single Data Rich Integrated System

No more switching applications or using different systems to value a customer’s part exchange, to get their settlement figure, to find the latest manufacturer offers or to build a quote different vehicles and finance offers….. it’s done in one place in eMaster™.  Everything you need at your fingertips in one elegant integrated data rich solution.

Built-in Communication Suite

The eMaster™ Communications Suite allows the customer to be contacted directly from within the system by email or SMS. Personalised messages can be sent to a single customer, or you can use the custom build templating module to write the perfect message to send to selected customers. All this is done instantly at the click of a button. eMaster™ also allows for bespoke bulk messages to be automatically sent along a pre-determined timeline, as part of any ongoing end-of-term or customer engagement programme.


We can create your own branded unique solution with your product portfolio and customer data. eMaster™ is a multi-lingual platform and is available internationally in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Mobile Reporting App

The eMaster™ mobile management App is available for Apple and Android mobile devices, and gives selected eMaster™ users instant KPI’s and reporting in the palm of their hands, wherever they are.

Linking directly to the user’s eMaster™ account, it provides up to the minute information on all of their eMaster™ performance data.

The App also provides a variety of customisable instant user notifications such as an early settlement request, a vehicle sale, a new sales campaign or a customer contact from eMasterPortal™.

eMasterPortal™ Integration

eMasterPortal™  links seamlessly with eMaster™ so all customer activity data is synchronised, ensuring that customer record card history is always accurate and up to date.

All customer contact requests and hot leads from eMasterPortal™ are sent back to the dealer or OEM via the eMaster™ system, activating immediate alerts and sending notifications via the eMaster™ mobile app.


Daily Imports & Calculations

Automatic Lead Distribution

Single Data Rich Integrated System

Built-in Communication Suite


Mobile Reporting App

eMasterPortal™ Integration


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