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Improving your motor sales & finance renewals performance

Providing training in the dealership, working with live prospects, and combining it with telephone best practice coaching, replaces the traditional classroom theory with direct dealer application. The results speak for themselves.

Producing real results

The aim of our consultancy and training, is to ensure that delegates return to their dealerships and put their newfound eMaster™ knowledge into practice to generate finance renewal vehicle sales. This produces amazing results, with one client with 5 dealerships covering two brands producing 139 appointments with 67 cars sold, 100 % finance penetration …. a conversion rate of 48% over the 2-day event! 

Available Courses & Workshops

eMaster™ Live 2-day Sales Event

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Reference: L/E/14/20072020/V1

Our training and development modules all have a clear focus on incremental car sales and profit, but this high-impact 2-day eMaster™ Dealer Sales Renewal Event is a flagship programme, with our experienced consultants delivering both sales as well as a training legacy throughout the dealership.

Our targeted and strategic eMaster™ Sales Renewal Events are part of an ongoing programme that proactively generate activity by concentrating on the skills and confidence of your sales team to apply key techniques to convert opportunities and deliver customer appointments and sales.

Before the event, we undertake a detailed analysis of your eMaster™ portfolio, matching your outstanding stock to our best practice campaigns.  We input these campaigns for you, ready to further refine with your dealer management team on Day 1 of the training.  This is followed by call coaching sessions with Sales Executives including how to make a call, sales scripts and objection handling. The day concludes with a team briefing to confirm objectives and expectations followed by a two hour ‘live’ calling session, making appointments to sell targeted cars over the next few days.  Our trainer monitors and coaches throughout this call session.

Day 2 starts with our Consultants holding a Management review of Day 1 including the flexibility to refine or add additional campaigns if required. This is followed by individual Sales Executives review sessions including further coaching and review handling where necessary before the second evenings call session.

Note: These events are part of an ongoing programme that deliver high quality diarised dealership appointments and sales throughout the year.

Duration: 2-Day
Participants: The dealership team
Venue: In dealership

eMaster™ skills & best practice workshop

Reference: L/W/07/20072020/V1

The workshop aims to give delegates a full understanding of how eMaster™ compliments the vehicle sales process and provides them with the skill set to identify opportunities and contact customers more effectively and with confidence.

Step-by-step, delegates will be given a complete overview of the eMaster™ system so that they can proactively manage their customer leads. Alongside coaching on system best practice, the day also includes call skills training, leading to live monitored customer conversations to generate real appointments to take back to the dealership.

Upon completion of the workshop, delegates will be able to use eMaster™ to deliver incremental profit and results, in terms of additional sales, increased customer loyalty and improved CSI.

Duration: 1-Day
Participants: New Starters, Sales Executives, Managers
Venue: Both in-dealership training (10 max) or Off-site Regional training available

eMaster™ skills & best practice workshop (Manager)

Reference: L/WM/07/20072020/V1

Retaining existing customers and fully utilising eMaster™ as part of your overall retention strategy has never been more important, as it provides a clear advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

This workshop provides practical, common sense solutions and best practice for managers at all levels who want to excel in the area of customer loyalty and deliver exceptional and sustainable business results.

The day includes the application of key eMaster™ techniques to identify and use the correct management control at each stage of the customer journey to maximise loyalty and overall performance. The focus is particularly on creating and refining campaigns to deal with real-world stock opportunities, lead distribution and activity management as well as communication and coaching skills.

Duration: 1-Day
Participants: Sales Managers, Controllers, Business Managers, CRM Managers
Venue: Off-site

eMaster™ loyalty strategy & performance consultancy

Reference: L/PC/07/20072020/V1

This industry-unique consultancy module has been extensively researched and developed to enhance professionalism, profitability and management skills in the specific area of Customer Loyalty within the dealership.

Strategic planning, prioritising workload, delegation and empowerment, identifying peak performance as well as influencing and persuading techniques are all key drivers for delivering potential and achieving success.

Our experienced consultants undertake a comprehensive review and assessment of your customer loyalty programmes, eMaster™ processes and strategic planning within the dealership. The module includes pre-visit preparation, a 1-Day dealership visit and follow-up calls with the management team to review and refine all lead management skills and processes to document a bespoke customer retention strategy and action plan for the dealership.

Duration: 1 Day + follow up calls
Participants: Dealer Management Team
Venue: In-dealership

eMaster™ used car stock sales consultancy

Reference: L/UC/04/20072020/V1

Stock turn of used cars is the life blood of any automotive business providing cash flow and liquidity. Our Used Car Stock Sales Consultancy session delivers focus and expert knowledge to this area of your business.

Whether you are looking to move on overage stock or specific vehicles, using eMaster™, we will help you identify suitable customer opportunities and tailor personalised offers to match.

Together with your management team, our Consultants will carry out a Used Car stock review to identify the dealer/group focus and requirements. They will then analyse your eMaster™ portfolio to prepare, refine & adapt campaign parameters before conducting a campaign briefing and call coaching session with Sales Executives including how to make a call, sales scripts and objection handling.

Following the course, our Consultant will diarise a follow-up review call with the management team to maintain focus and confirm next steps.

Duration: 1/2-Day
Participants: The dealership team
Cost: In-dealership or virtual

eMaster™ campaign management programme

Reference: L/CC/04/20072020/V1

Management time is one of the most precious resources in any dealership, with managers constantly looking to prioritise their workload to maximise the potential of the business.

Our no nonsense Campaign Management Programme provides you with ongoing support where we take care of your eMaster™ campaigns so that you can concentrate on other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that your eMaster™ loyalty programmes are in expert hands.

On a regular basis, and in alignment with the dealership management team, our expert consultants proactively analyse your eMaster™ portfolio to provide recommendations and guidance to deliver high impact campaigns in line with your dealership customer loyalty strategy and requirements.

Our consultants use their experience and knowledge to create & refine campaigns to deliver you personalised leads through your eMaster™ system.  Once allocated to your sales team, we will work with you to monitor activity to deliver high quality diarised dealership appointments and sales.

Optional enhancements to the Programme include:

–  Value-added telephone best practice training and consultancy. We enhance the sales impact to the dealership by training your sales team on how to make high quality calls.

–  We are also happy to discuss outsourcing the call activity, enabling our team to make the calls and appointments on your behalf.

Duration: Minimum 1/2-Day or virtual
Participants: Sales Managers, Business Managers, CRM Managers
Venue: Ongoing in-dealership

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