eMaster™ Sales Renewal Events Prove An Immediate Success.

The eMaster™ training team completed the first phase of a series of new ‘Sales Renewal Events’ with a major brand partner in September, and it created an immediate impact.

Rob Draper, Head of Training & Development at FISC said….“We are absolutely delighted with the impact of our new programme and the practical support it provides to our partners to maximise incremental car sales. Our new programme is unique in that we have developed a truly sustainable model. Traditional events provide a short-term spike in sales but seldom increase the rolling 12 week average sales, as they ‘burn-up’ the dealer database in the immediate short term.  In contrast, we have developed a much more long-term and sustainable form of prospecting using the power of eMaster™ to ensure that every customer that is contacted receives a truly personalised offer at exactly the right point in their finance agreement. eMaster™ is at the heart of this by providing a steady flow of happy customers with no resort to pressure selling. This is great for car sales, profitability and customer satisfaction”.

Stephen Hebditch, Global Head of Retention Products added…. “This innovative approach delivered by Rob and the team provides the ideal solution for dealers as we adapt to the new virtual approach to buying cars now preferred by customers. For me the key is the focus on the customer rather than an event, which allows the dealers portfolio to evolve into new car sales at the correct pace ensuring a continuous flow of sales throughout the year and therefore avoiding diminishing returns each time an event is held. In an initial pilot with one dealership, 63 customers were contacted leading to 28 appointments (44% of those spoken to), and 14 cars were sold … a tremendous first result for the dealership in just 48 hours!”


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