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eMaster™ New Car Sales Swiftly Bounce Back to Support Dealer Partners

As we move out of lockdown, eMaster™ is having an immediate impact for all partners in supporting the resurgence of new car sales. The unique ability of the system to simply and quickly identify customers in a position to change their car for a similar monthly payment or less, ensures that dealers utilise their time efficiently and effectively  pinpointing and matching the right customer with the available stock.

Stephen Hebditch, Global Head of Retention Products, commented “The simplicity of the eMaster™ system together with our bespoke support and training programmes, have ensured that our dealer partners have been able to quickly capitalise on their hot prospects and maximise car sales and retention. New car sales reported in eMaster™ for July 2021 have risen by 23.31% year on year with one of our major UK partners running at a noteworthy 173.8% of their performance from last year.

Resources in terms of headcount and time are proving challenging within the industry at the moment, so we are looking at ways to further increase the levels of support we provide to our partners. Our portfolio of support programmes and training are market leading and we will soon be adding additional support next month with the launch of our new Sales Renewals Team Contact Centre which will exclusively support our eMaster™ partners with their customer engagement programmes”.

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