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eMaster™ Mobile App Gets New Features

FISC recently announced some major new features which have been added to the eMaster Mobile App for both iPhone and Android users.

The App, which is designed for eMaster™ Manager-level users at Dealer, Group, Regional or National level, puts campaign reports and KPIs at the users fingertips. As well as adding a suite of new reporting tools, the latest version also adds a comprehensive notification suite, allowing users to receive real-time notifications of key eMaster events – e.g. a vehicle sale, new National Campaign, and others – directly to their phone.

Aaron Burton – FISC’s Chief Technical Officer – commented, “This is a significant update to the eMaster™ App.  The notifications suite in particular is a fantastic tool for users to keep track of eMaster activity and to respond quickly and effectively to retention opportunities.  The notification suite will receive further enhancements over the coming months, as further notifications continue to be added.”

The eMaster™ App is available now and can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

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