eMaster Helps Used Car Stocks In Declining New Car Market

One of the consequences of a declining new car market is that there are fewer quality part exchanges available, resulting in a rise in used car values and a reduction in used car sales.  eMaster users have had great success in generating new car customer renewals and bucking the trend, but this also helps them with replenishing their used car stock which is largely fed by quality part exchanges.  Commenting Aaron Burton Chief Technical Officer at FISC said, ‘Our research shows that in these difficult trading times eMaster not only assists with new car sales by identifying customers in the best position to change their car but by doing so it also helps to keep healthy levels of used car stocks without the need to go to auction where prices are rising significantly at present.  Whatever the trading conditions, and whether it’s a new or used car, van or motorcycle,  eMaster simply helps OEM’s and dealerships sell more vehicles.’

For more details on eMaster and how it may benefit your business please visit the FISC website.