eMaster Enjoys A Bright Start to 2020

2019 saw eMaster OEM partners achieve record new car sales and perform well above the SMMT new car registration figures. The great news is that 2020 has built on this success in dramatic style. Whilst the January SMMT new retail sales recorded a fall of -13.9% year on year, eMaster partners achieved a year on year growth for January of 12.9% with one leading OEM partner showing an increase of 61.2%.

Stephen Hebditch FISC’s Global Head of Retention Products commented “Proof once again that the eMaster system consistently delivers new car sales for our partners despite market trends. This is testament not only to the great system but also to our support and training teams who help our partners achieve such fantastic results”.

For more information on eMaster visit https://www.fisconline.co.uk/introducing-emaster/