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eMaster™ Delivers Success For New Car Sales In Difficult Year

Despite recent SMMT data showing that overall UK retail new car sales fell by 26.6% in 2020 when compared to 2019, eMaster™ continued to support new car sales for all of FISC’s partners helping both OEM’s and dealers retain customers in a very difficult year.  Sales generated by eMaster™ for one major brand reported a sales growth of 27.3% year on year, a market variance of 53.9% overall!

Stephen Hebditch, Global Head of Retention Products, commented “This is a great result for our partners and confirms again the impact and consistency of eMaster™ in the market place. At a time when customer footfall has been severely interrupted, strong eMaster™ customer leads provide a reassurance that sales goals remain achievable. The power of the system to identify customers who are in a prime position to change their car, coupled with the new eMaster™ virtual training modules, provides powerful support for all our partners at a time when it is most needed”.

Rob Draper, Business Development and Training Manager at FISC, added “The combination of the eMaster™ system providing such positive customer leads together with our virtual training events guiding the dealers how best to communicate virtually with their customers to get an online appointment, creates a winning formula. The most recent events proving a phenomenal success by delivering 1 sale for every 2 online appointments”.

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