eMaster™ Delivers! Just 4 hours Preparation & 18 Incremental Premium Car Sales!

October 2020 saw the launch of FISC’s latest eMaster™ 2-Day Retention Events Programme.  The programme focuses on generating immediate sales by using eMaster™ to identify customers who are at the optimum time to change their car, but at the same time delivering a legacy of training so that the dealer can employ the same eMaster™ processes themselves every month to create ongoing sales.

Rob Draper, Business Development and Training Manager, commented “Only 4 hours preparation by one dealer using eMaster™, led to 18 INCREMENTAL Premium Car sales! As eMaster™ generates a personalised offer for each customer, there is no need to exhaust a dealer’s database and call customers who are not in a position to change their car. In the last month we have worked with 5 dealerships and the results have been remarkable by any standard, with dealers recording incremental sales in the mid to late teens from calling a fraction of the customers you would normally need to achieve this sort of result.  The results speak for themselves with 1 in 3 customers contacted agreeing to an appointment as the offers are ‘real’ and compelling. The show-up rate of appointments was 35% higher than the average for similar events and when they arrive it usual leads to a sale”.

Stephen Hebditch, Global Head of Retention Products, remarked “I would like to congratulate Rob and his team for delivering a programme of real impact for our eMaster™ partners. We are delighted with the immediate response to the programme by dealers and the sales generated through the eMaster™ best practice processes. Traditional training methods are mostly redundant at the moment so our switch to flexible and virtual sessions has involved a lot of hard work and the success is great to see”.

This week sees the launch of a ‘virtual’ Motor Group version of the same Retention Events Programme.

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