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Diesel Cars Still Hold Wide Appeal In The Used Market

An article in Motortrader.com reports that analysts at BuyaCar have compared the initial intentions of buyers searching for a deal, with the cars they eventually ordered. This produced a surprising result finding that diesels made up 34% of sales , despite accounting for just 26% of searches.

Further analysis showed that the popularity of diesel is not driven by purchase price as motorists are paying significantly more for diesel cars than their petrol counterparts. BuyaCar.co.uk reported that the average price paid for a diesel car was consistently more than £3000 higher so far this year than for a petrol variant.

The article went on to say despite significant improvements in petrol engine efficiency over recent years, it is clear that the economic advantage of diesel for many motorists – due to diesel models’ greater fuel efficiency and consequently lower overall fuel bills – remains persuasive during their research, leading to many more diesel purchases than were initially intended.

For full details of the article please click here https://www.motortrader.com/motor-trader-news/automotive-news/diesel-cars-still-hold-wide-appeal-used-market-says-buyacar-co-uk-25-02-2021