Dealer Vehicle Sales Through eMaster Continue To Outstrip The Market

New vehicle sales made by eMaster dealer partners continue to easily outstrip the UK market with June 2019 sales up 26% when compared to June 2018.  SMMT figures in contrast show another monthly fall with new car registrations down by 4.9% when compared to June 2018.  eMaster dealer used car sales also increased by a similar amount.

Speaking about the record June figures, David Smith FISC’s Chairman commented “The increase was across all brand partners and continues to demonstrate the value of eMaster to manufacturers, finance houses and dealers.  Bringing together real time accurate data from the customer, the finance house and the OEM provides very powerful information to all of our partners.  And let’s not forget, the real winners are the customers who get amazing deals often being able to change and upgrade their car or motorcycle far sooner than they imagined”.

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