Hybrid A.R.

If you’re a directly authorised dealer with limited in-house compliance resource, our Hybrid A.R. service is the perfect solution

Let us take care of your compliance

If you are a directly authorised motor dealer or group that has limited in-house compliance resource, our Hybrid A.R. service offers you the perfect solution. As a Hybrid A.R, you are treated in the same way as if you were a member of the TRACS A.R. network even though you retain your own direct FCA Authorisation. We will manage every aspect of your compliance and training requirements with our TRACS support team always on hand to support you when you need it.

Tailored exactly to your business

Based on a menu of services, we’ll tailor the exact support you require filling in any gaps that may exist within your existing compliance team, such as systems, training (both system and classroom), audits, RMAR/GABRIEL FCA returns, document reviews as well as giving you 24/7 access to our online FCA documentation library and expert advice.

We’ll manage as much or as little of your FCA compliance and training needs as you require…all available whenever you need it. It all adds up to having the expertise on hand to keep your business safe and up to date with the latest FCA requirements.

Streamlined processes

Whilst managing your regulatory requirements, we always ensure that very clear processes and reporting lines are established with senior management to ensure that they are fully aware of and carry out their responsibilities in line with being a directly authorised firm. Regular audits and feedback ensures that processes are streamlined leaving you to get on with running your business.

Find out about our Hybrid A.R. service

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