F&I Tracker™ Dealer Logs

Micro-management of your dealership F&I performance

Dealers are facing many challenges within the industry right now and this is likely to continue well into the future, so for businesses to maintain profitability the focus on the critical area of F&I becomes even more important to maximise sales and margins.

Branded to your own corporate ID, F&I Tracker™ dealer logs can be tailored exactly to your business, your processes and your product range. The system holds all finance & insurance product details including pricing, costs and margins providing you with real-time instant performance data and KPI’s across your entire business at the click of a button.

Real-time information at your fingertips

Complete flexibility

F&I Tracker™ is web-based and modular, so can be used as stand-alone F&I logs or combined with the FCA module for both Insurance and/or Finance to provide a total F&I solution right across your business. F&I Tracker™ is a tailored solution that is extremely user friendly and can link with third-party showroom systems to negate the need for ‘double keying’. Seamlessly linking with your insurance product providers, F&I Tracker™ allows your products to be delivered in real-time, producing all the necessary paperwork direct from your insurers…. all from within one system….saving you valuable administration time.

Suitable for any size of business

F&I Tracker™ is fully scalable and can be used in any size of operation, from a single dealership to a national motor group or finance company. The full suite of F&I reports can be run at every level from salesperson to group, measuring your F&I performance in every detail and enabling management to see an array of key performance indicators that monitor everything in real time ‘at the click of a button’. F&I Tracker™ dealer logs is an online solution which will make a significant difference to your business. Contact us today for a no obligation demonstration.

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