FCA Dashboard

Oversight of all of your FCA compliance in one place

The FCA Dashboard provides users with a centralised view of all important areas of FCA compliance,  giving instant access to information based on user privilege-level.

It is also a portal for direct login to FCA Tracker and FCA online learning, and pulls together up-to-the-minute headline sales, compliance statistics and reporting all in one place, enabling you to easily manage and maintain compliant operations on a daily basis.

One easy to use portal

Competency assessments & CPD logs

Ensuring that your team-members remain competent to discuss both finance and insurance is at the heart of a dealer’s ability to transact business. FCA Tracker’s competency assessments ensure that everyone involved in regulated activities can prove that they are suitably qualified to carry out those tasks. The FCA Dashboard seamlessly draws this information from the online portal, and provides management with an instant status overview of all staff training, including the monitoring of both online competency training and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annual requirement.

Document library & complaints process

Regulation can be a tricky business and people can’t be expected to remember everything. That’s why every regulated team-member and user has access to a customisable library of reference documents which is housed in the Document Library of the FCA Dashboard. Whether it's a reminder of why, when, how or what, you can easily and quickly find the answer! The FCA Dashboard Complaints tool makes the recording of complaints simple and straightforward, enabling root causes to be identified so that remedial action can be taken swiftly, with reports analysing customer complaints data to identify trends with ease, and also providing the data required for FCA GABRIEL submissions.

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