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Click and Collect And Customer Buying Intentions

News this week started on a negative note with worries that Scotland’s ban on ‘click and collect’ would adversely affect the activities of Motor Dealers, and it looked like this may spread south with reports that Sadiq Khan was pressing for a similar ban in London. Confusion appeared to spread across the industry with different manufacturers and dealer groups having a different view on whether ‘click and collect’ would be allowed. Finally following representations by the  Scottish Motor Trade Association (SMTA) to the Scottish Government the government press office issued a statement to say ”outdoor car lots are classed as essential and therefore allowed to continue click and collect”. It is hoped this interpretation will be consistent across the UK.

For details of an article released in Car Dealer Magazine about click and collect, please click here https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/smta-urges-scottish-government-to-provide-clarity-for-car-dealers-on-new-click-and-collect-rules-in-force-from-saturday/213873

Further good news was reported  by AM Online in an article saying a What Car? survey has found consumer confidence among in-market car buyers is three times higher than during the UK’s first COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown. The consumer magazine asked a total of 2,939 in-market buyers about their intentions for the coming weeks as part of a survey conducted last weekend and found that 20.4% are looking to buy a vehicle in the next four weeks, while 24.6% are set to purchase a car within one to three months. The results compare favourably with those from last year’s March lockdown, when just 3.5% were looking to buy within four weeks, and 8% between one and three months.

For the full article in AM Online please click here https://www.am-online.com/news/market-insight/2021/01/13/car-buyers-consumer-confidence-three-times-higher-than-in-first-lockdown