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Car Buyers Now More Comfortable Buying Online

According to a What Car? survey, more than 25% of buyers that are in the market to change their car say they would be comfortable buying their next car online.

In a survey of 4,790 in-market buyers, 28% said they would be comfortable buying their next car entirely online. The lockdown forced both manufacturers and dealers to look at their sales model and quickly refine their online platforms to enable customers to choose, configure, order and deliver their purchases entirely online and remotely. 35% said they would be happy not to visit the showroom at all to view the car, instead opting to see it virtually.

A FISC Spokesman commented, “Bearing in mind that dealerships were closed in the November lockdown, the SMMT new car registration figures down by only 27.4% in November,  shows just how far the industry has moved in such a short time period.  Although a fall in sales is never welcome, it’s compares favourably with the first national lockdown which saw registrations plummet by 97%.  We were pleased that eMaster usage continued throughout November and coupled with our online consultancy helped our clients and partners achieve a notable result”.