Analytics is the key to drastically improving performance according to Dean Le Page, FISC’s Data Manager. Dean explains, “No doubt most of you have heard all the buzz words: ‘Big data’, ‘Data Analytics’, ‘Predictive Targeting’ and so on. But what is the substance behind the jargon? In simple terms it means the more information you have about your customers, the greater the capability you have to digest that information, and the more you understand who they are and what they want; the more it can help in retaining your customers and developing your business.”For example our eMaster software helps dealers sell more cars and retain customers, and one could ask a number of questions related to this such as….is a certain type of customer more likely to switch from one model to another? Is a customer likely to upgrade their car if they have recently moved house or been through another significant life event? Which types of customer are most likely to respond to targeted offers? These are the types of questions that data analytics can answer, and are what businesses should be asking themselves continuously. Yet, often outside only the largest organisations, the capability and technical resource needed to get hold of these valuable insights is simply not available.”At FISC we are investing heaviliy in this capability to help our own clients better understand their customers. With these improved insights we can truly take the concept of reaching the right customer, at the right time, with the right offer to the next level”.