9 Out of 10 Car Buyers Comfortable With Showroom Visits Despite Covid-19

AM Online have reported on a study carried out by What Car of 8177 in-market buyers, that 89.05% said they were still comfortable visiting retailers despite Covid-19, and 91.03% said they trusted car dealerships to be run in a Covid-safe way.

This is in contrast to an earlier What Car study reported in Car Dealer Magazine last week, where it said that a third of car buyers were comfortable buying a car online.

Commenting Simon Young Managing Director of FISC said ‘At first glance this could be seen as a mixed message however it is possible for someone to be happy to purchase car either from a showroom or online. It’s down to car dealerships to ensure that they have robust routes to market covering both online and showroom based sales. We work very closely with many dealers all over the UK, and have been extremely impressed with the work carried out to ensure customers can buy a car in a Covid-safe environment.  There’s no doubt that car showrooms are one of the safest places to be, much safer than supermarkets and most other retailers. I hope this poll provides the encouragement to keep up the good work.’

To read the full article in AM-Online please click here https://www.am-online.com/news/market-insight/2020/10/21/nine-out-of-10-car-buyers-comfortable-with-showroom-visits-despite-covid-19?d=1603446868896

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